So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye

Over the next month or so, the Bad Girlz will be saying our farewells as we wind down to closing up shop. As time passes, one thing is certain — things change. Careers move in different directions. Our schedules get fuller and fuller. The business itself seems to change daily. But the thing that doesn’t change is the wonderful feeling of support from other authors.

When I was asked to join the Bad Girlz, I was honored. After all, how could it not be fun hanging out with this group of fun, feisty, talented women? Small groups such as this that have something in common that binds them are part of the fuel that keeps writers going. They know the ups and downs of the business; they’re there to support each other; and it’s always extra fun to see each other in person at conferences where there are squeals, laughter and sometimes copious amounts of glitter. And I know from experience that the feeling of camaraderie doesn’t fade even if the common blog goes away. We’ll still always be the Bad Girlz, and I’m sure there will always be squeals, laughter and lots of glitter any time we see each other in the years ahead. I look forward to it.

To the readers of Bad Girlz Write, thanks for being supportive with your comments and joining in the fun.

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