Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

The Bad Girlz are the salt bae of glitter. Ask my hotel room door how I know.

You’re thinking, Sally, your post is late.

Yes, yes, it is. I’m running late because I don’t really want to write it, but I will. Being a part of this blog must’ve been fun, because I feel as though I just got here. My favorite memory is of M&M a few years back when the Bad Girlz glitterbombed me. Guys, I sometimes need more fun and frivolity in my life, and the Bad Girlz took me in and embraced me. They threw glitter at my door, made me leave my hotel room in Dallas, taught me how to raise my glass, and lit adult beverages on fire with me.

It has truly been a pleasure to join such a talented group of ladies. For all the fun we have, my fellow Bad Girlz are also dedicated to the business of happily ever afters, and I’ve learned a lot from them. So, thanks, ladies, for letting me tag along on this endeavor. You brought me fun when I was in danger of drowning due to losing my category. You made me stop and dance when being GRW president was stressing me out. You are the most enthusiastic dancers at any M&M and, as we proved this year, RWA as well.

Thank you, Bad Girlz, for reminding me to have fun while I navigated those first years of publication. Thank you, readers, for dropping by and reading about morticians, house tours, my cussing habit. how not to be a healthy writer, and, yes, sexy corn. <–My first post. *sniff*



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