Raise Your Glass

Five years ago, the Bad Girlz blog was founded with the mission of helping to spread the hard-won lessons we had learned on our paths toward publication. We wished there had been someone around to tell us things like how to compose a query or write a great love scene, and we hoped to help fill that void.

At the time, we were all at the very beginnings of our careers. Since then, we’ve branched off in a whole host of different directions, each pursuing the path that calls to us. We’ve grown and shared, added new members and watched others move on to other endeavors. The advice we’ve given has shifted from pitching and commas to surviving a contract and not giving in to despair.

Personally, I’m insanely proud of the work we’ve done in pursuit of our mission. But I’m even prouder of something else that happened along the way.

We might have set out to help others, but we became a support system and a lifeline for each other.

So many ladies here have already said it, but having a tribe is essential in this business. Writers need other writers. With the help of these ladies, I’ve grown from a shy woman who overused the passive voice to a confident writer with a style all my own—both in my closet and on the page. I couldn’t ask for better friends to share the amazing highs and the desolate lows of a career in publishing with.

While we’re winding down the blog, there will never be an end to the knowledge to be gained or the friendships to be made.

Keep on dancing, fellow Bad Girlz. Keep on writing. And remember to always raise your glass.


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