Ending With A Bang

Five years ago, the ladies of Bad Girlz Write came together with the mission of helping spread our hard-won knowledge about publishing, combining our forces to support and promote each other, and finishing a very large jug of mimosas. In the time since then, we’ve done just that. We’ve written nearly SIX HUNDRED blog posts, expanded our ranks, attended numerous conferences, published and written untold numbers of books, and consumed a lot–and I mean a LOT–of alcoholic beverages.

And now, though it is bittersweet, we’ve decided it’s time to bring our time together to a close. Thank you all for being here with us through five fantastic years. The blog may be ending, but our friendship and our work never does. We’ll see you at the next RWA, on the shelf at Barnes and Noble, in a coffee shop hunched over a laptop…or maybe just at the bar.

Here’s to five fabulous years, and best of luck to everyone as we all go forth from here.


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