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Bad Girl For A Day: C.E. Hart – “Barbie Birthed A Writer”


I’m a nostalgic person. I enjoy looking back to days gone by and sometimes even pretend I’m my own therapist. Yeah, I know that sounds strange, but I’m an odd human being, so it works for me. I study the life-changing events I endured, the stupid things I did and wish I didn’t, the tender moments that touched my heart, and the people I counted on for a soft place to fall.


Memories light the corners of my mind

Misty watercolor memories of the way we were

Scattered pictures of the smiles we left behind

Smiles we gave to one another for the way we were


These memories oftentimes inspire my writing. Though the stories and characters I create are fictional, I draw on past experiences, emotions and relationships. I write-what-I-know and this (hopefully) allows me to construct evocative, believable stories.

Every summer, when I was little, my sister and I lived to play with Barbie dolls. (Mom called it our obsession.) We actually set our alarm clocks before going to bed, to make certain Barbie, Ken, Francie (my favorite, because she had real eyelashes!) and Midge made it to work on time. Skipper usually slept in until the twins, Todd and Tutti, woke up.


Can it be that it was all so simple then

Or has time rewritten every line

If we had the chance to do it all again

Tell me—would we? Could we?


Not only did I obsess over dolls, but I wrote extensive scripts for them too. What they’d say, where they’d go and what they’d do once they got there. Filling note pads with dialogue, scenes and plot twists consumed so much of the day there was little time left to actually play. Planning their day on paper was more than half the fun! Who knew Barbie and her friends were capable of birthing the author within me?


Creating stories as an adult is much the same as when I was a child—I just use imaginary characters to perform in them instead of plastic ones with removable heads.


Thank you, fabulous Bad Girlz! I’m thrilled to be your Bad Girl of the day! And because I’m oh-so-bad, and giving you only one song to continuously bang around in your heads isn’t enough, I’ll close out with another…


Because I’m Bad, I’m Bad—Come On

You Know I’m Bad, I’m Bad—You Know It

You Know I’m Bad, I’m Bad—Come On, You Know

And The Whole World Has To Answer Right Now

Just To Tell You Once Again

WHO’S BAD . . .


(Cheryl) C.E. Hart



Bad Girl For A Day: Virginia James – “Am I Normal?”

Thank you to the lovely ladies of Bad Girlz Write! I’m super excited to be an honorary Bad Girl for a day.
I had the pleasure of meeting three of the Bad Girlz at the 2012 Moonlight & Magnolia conference and
let me say, I’m psyched in a goofy-grin-semi-but-not-creepy-stalker-kinda-way to be here! You guys are
a blast and I kinda feel bada$$ saying ‘I’m a Bad Girl’ today!

Let’s play one of my favorite games. Am I normal? But we’ll play the writer’s version.

I day dream about my characters in scenes and plot lines that will never see print. Am I normal?

Of course! To be honest, it’s probably why it takes me so long to pound out that first draft. In my YA’s, I
inevitably make them older and put them in a ton of scenarios that just can’t make it into YA. Nothing
weird or X-rated, just randomness. Did Marleigh go to Prom? Will Sam be a lawyer or antique dealer
and have a fancy TV show. What if they got married? Wait, they’re in totally different books, can’t do
that…oh oh oh! I have an amazing story line for another book!( A writer’s secret revealed) Good books
don’t just fall out of our heads onto paper. It takes time—and lots of daydreaming.

I saw my character at the mall. Am I normal?

Very normal indeed! Though, the poor teenage girl probably thought I was a weirdo because I couldn’t
stop sneaking a peak at her at the food court and wondering if the cookie maker guy would make a
better boyfriend or fallen angel.

I was shopping the aisles of Target when a fellow writer’s Antagonist was shopping the snacks aisle.
Darkness and Evil on aisle 3! I literally stopped mid-stride (attempted to hold in my gasp) then spun
around to look at soda’s before he noticed my near melt down that the dark humanity ending evil was
about to get me. Crazy? Meh, sort of but also the mark of a great writer.

I shop for my characters. Am I normal?

Again, yes! Not only do I shop for my own, I see stuff my writer friend’s characters would like as well.
Ginny’s character would love that scarf. Mag’s guy would totally wear those jeans. C.E.’s chick could
totally rock those pumps! Even our fictional ladies love to shop!

Whose voice is that in my head? Am I normal?

Chances are, if you’re a writer, then it’s perfectly normal! That is my favorite moment in writing. It’s that
moment you’re doing the most mundane task and the argument suddenly burst into a knock-down-
drag-out-fight (and you reach for a pen instead of Googling “psychiatrist”.) If I could insert an over the
top sigh right here, I would. It does get annoying when your Muse refuses to keep them quiet when you
should be listening to your boss, checking homework for the kids, or feeding the dog Cool Ranch Dorito’s
because you were distracted by the intense scene in your head.

I’m a writer. Am I normal?

Of course not! Normal is boring (unless it pertains to medical work or money). Embrace what others
call crazy. To quote the adorable and loveable Leo the Lop: “The rabbits though and thought. “If we’re
normal and Leo is normal, then normal is whatever you are!”

Thanks again BGW for the opportunity to be Bad for a day! Hope to see you guys over at Laptops &
Lingerie soon!



Bad Girl For A Day: Ginny Lynn – “Pain is Good”

“You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.”  Walt Disney

“Why do we fall, sir? So we might learn to pick ourselves up.”  Alfred Pennyworth, Batman Begins

These two quotes have touched my soul the last month. Not only do I agree with them but I’m an example of them. Recently I received my kick in the teeth and I did indeed fall. It took me a few moments, and several tears, before I was able to pick myself back up but when I did I came up swinging.

One of the few things that I wanted to accomplish this year was to win a specific award from the local romance writer’s chapter that I’m a Pro Member of. I had help with my submission and polished until the story became a distant blur to my weary eyes. I sent it in and prayed for a good outcome. Well, in a way, I got just that. I waited and waited as I compulsively checked my email for the good news that I felt was coming my way. I had even started making affirmations about this award being mine.

Then I saw it and my heart plummeted. A few of the talented ladies around me were named as finalist but I wasn’t. It hurt, for days. I felt so disappointed in myself that it was a physical ache. But I was so proud of my friend who got the official nod and I applauded her work as I cheer her on to the next step. She deserves it, enough said.

It took me a good two weeks to pick my curvy butt up off of the floor of the Pitty Party Holiday Inn and walk outside to the possibilities that lay outside that great revolving door. This was not a sign that I should throw in the dish towel. This was a Disney kick in the teeth, without the cheerfully sweet fictional characters frolicking about. This was where I would do something drastic and I did just that.

I took a couple of hours and started researching publishing houses. I made myself a sturdy list of who was taking what and the guidelines for each submission. I used a few lunch breaks and insomniac moments to devise a plan as I sent my babies out into the world, award or not. I submitted all three of my manuscripts to about nine different houses and seven of them responded to me for full submissions. I was floored, but not on the same floor at the above mentioned Holiday Inn but at the Twilight Zone Hilton. It seemed surreal, as if this wasn’t my life and I was just enjoying a moment of someone else’s happenings.

But it was real. Not only did I catch the eyes of some wonderful publishing houses but I also got my first offers for contracts. Yes, plural. I have to keep pinching myself and I know my job’s going to start asking me if I’m in an abused relationship soon. I can honestly say, with a wicked smile, that I am because I got my fictional teeth kicked in and it made me stronger. I’m not naming any of the companies that want to do business with me because the ink isn’t quite dry YET. When it is then I may see if an out of work crop duster will put my blissful script into the morning sky, for all to see.

So, to all my writers out there, pick up your teeth and get in line for braces because the world certainly gives us all something to chew on. Make it happen and never never ever give up. Walt never did and he left a legacy behind for the entire world. 😉


Welcome to the Ladies of Laptops & Lingerie!

The Ladies of Laptops & Lingerie are excited to be joining the Bad Girlz in the month of October! But who are we? We’re a group of four very diverse writers who stumbled on one another and ended up forming a remarkably effective critique group. We were chatting about book promotion on the way home from a Georgia Romance Writer’s meeting in February 2012 when someone got the bright idea of starting a multi-author blog. Most of us are fans of the celebrated Petit Fours and Hot Tamales blog (if you’re not, we strongly suggest you check it out) and blogging together sounded like a blast. After all, our very different styles and strengths are exactly what make our critique group work. We started tossing around names, ideas, and lots of opinions. Eventually, Laptops & Lingerie was born. Now, let us introduce you to the crew!

C.E. is our southern sweetheart and grammar girl extraordinaire. Her work ranges from novels with strong romantic elements to memoir to coming-of-age mainstream. But no matter the genre, she aims to evoke a host of emotions that touch the reader in a personal way. She loves old movies, traveling, and vanilla sugar wafer cookies. She’s currently working on a joint project with her author sister as well as a solo book based on a trip to Italy. She just got back her rights for her published short story and it working on expanding it into a full length novel.

Ginny is our paranormal bad girl and networking maven. She specializes in edgy, quirky tales of southern vampires, wraiths, trolls, werewolves, witches, sirens and more. Not to mention fascinating mixes of any and all of the above. She loves cinnamon rolls, dancing to Nine Inch Nails, and wenching at the Renaissance fair in between work, writing, school, and family. Plus, her hand-made corsets are comfy and cute. She’s been busy inking contracts lately and will surely have exciting news to share with the world soon.

Maggie is our nerdy eccentric and official craft freak. She writes light erotic romance because she thinks sex is important but can’t type “pulsing manhood” with a straight face. She loves hair flowers, polka dots, Godiva chocolate, horror movies, and MENSA brainteasers. She generally has three or four projects going at once and is currently trying her hand at a comedic mystery. Her published backlist includes Page 93 and Screw Me Once, her new novella Tex-Mex Sex Hex will be available from Ellora’s Cave on Halloween, and she’s looking forward to presenting at GRW’s Moonlight & Magnolias conference this year.

Virginia is our life-in-the-smalltown-south storyteller and everyone’s number one cheerleader. Her books have a little bit of everything: tons of humor, deep south flair, a host of fun characters, romantic elements, and the paranormal. Her “other self” is all about paranormal and historical YA. She loves history-themed road trips, karaoke, and Hershey’s almond bites. And she somehow manages to balance a family and writing with attending nursing school full time. We all think her Sugar Hill, Alabama series is completely hilarious and we can’t wait for her to finish the first one and land an agent.

Well, that’s us: different, daring, and determined to make this writing thing work. We hope you’ll stop by in October for our individual posts and drop by our blog when you get the urge!

– The Ladies of Laptops & Lingerie


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