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More Than Just Your Average Man Candy

It’s Marvel Candy! Oh come on. Don’t act like this surprises anyone. This Thursday night is the US premier of Avengers: Age of Ultron! At least half of the Girlz on this blog are jittery with anticipation, so get in on the action. Let’s celebrate some superheroes!

First up, Steve Rogers. Obviously.


I’m a little obsessed with the winky arm transistor magnet thingies. Hence this gifs top spot.

Baby threw a motorcycle y'all.. A motorcycle!

Baby threw a motorcycle y’all.. A motorcycle!


Next up, Natasha. And I will fight about it. 😉

nat1 nat2 Tony, being Tony. Then being Iron Man.



Thor. Because he deserves more appreciation. thor

Clint. Hawkeye. Because he deserves hella more appreciation.

clint2 Bruce – Hulking out and taking robot names.




I don’t want to talk about what they did to this pretty man’s hair. I suppose it had to be done?

Wanda – Scarlet Witch


Ngl, the fourth or fifth thing I’m most excited about is seeing her powers in action. Girlfriend gonna feck some shite up!



 THAT is a hero shot!

THAT is a hero shot!


My Guilty Problem, er, Pleasure

I have a problem.

Ok, I have several, but at least I am aware of them, right?  The foremost is my obsessive and compulsive nature. It does not take much for me to cling to an idea and become consumed by its every faucet…and the obsession of the moment is sewing. To make dresses. For me. (And occasionally for select friends.)


Rocking my Star Wars dress with McGovy in the center sporting a Star Trek creation I whipped up for her. Alas, I did not make Jeanette’s smoking hot Marvel skirt. She did that all on her own.

It is my ‘guilty pleasure’, the thing I do to get away from my stubborn and uncooperative characters, my self-doubt, and what I deem to be the pressures of reader expectations. Sewing, at least for me, is simple. It doesn’t require my entire brain and allows me to simply focus on the up and down motion of the needle.

Part of the pleasure is found in the certainty of my skill. I KNOW I can create a unique and fun dress to add to my wardrobe because I’ve done it at least 10 times before (I told you, I have a problem). I have confidence in my abilities–there is no lingering doubt in regards to my competency or my level of skill. Which makes me happy. 🙂

Fran Collage

Sporting my Marvel (l) and Star Trek (r) dresses.


DA College

One of my latest–my Downton Abbey dress which I wore up to the Biltmore for their Dressing Downton exhibit!

As a result, I have a closet full of personalized dresses (the SAME dress, just different prints) that reflect my interests—Downton Abbey, Star Trek, Star Wars, mid-century Christmas, Colonial Williamsburg (made from reproduction fabric from the colonial era that I will wear to the museum), Marvel…the list continues to lengthen as my whims and fancies change. Future and impending selections include flamingoes, 1940’s Hawaiian pinups, and typewriters. No lie.


l-r: Peachy flower/polka dots, Downton Abbey, Colonial Williamsburg, and mid-century Christmas


Upcoming dresses!

I have considered sewing for others and turning my pleasure into an actual business, but then the sewing would no longer be something I do for me. Selfish? Entirely. But the self-doubt would creep back in–is the seam straight enough for the price I’m charging? Is the fit to their exact measurements? Is the zipper installation helter skelter? And the time! Who has it? I feel guilty enough sewing for me, to take time away from writing to sew for another would triple the guilt. The pressure of high expectations would return with a gusto, and my confidence would falter. I’m a perfectionist. My personal expectations are high enough without more fuel in the fire. To add another person’s is overwhelming, and something I am forced to deal with in my writing life–I need a retreat. A place where I can go where my opinion is the only one that matters… and I find that in the steam of my iron, the whir of my sewing machine, and the purchase of fun fabric for more dresses.

Sewing the same dress over and over is what I do. And why not? I like the fit. I like the silhouette. And it’s comfy, yet stylish enough to wear out and about, especially in a hot Carolina summer. It’s a win-win…at least until the next obsession grabs hold…because I can already feel this one dying. It may have something to do with the fact that once I start a project (outside of writing, funny how that works) I can’t stop. I have to finish, and those 5 future dresses I posted above (which, by the way, was about 2 weeks ago when I originally drafted this post)? Yeah…they have now turned into five finished dresses.


But then, I did tell you. I have a problem.





Guilty or Not, Treat Yo Self to a Ship!


I’m chuckling, because so many Bad Girlz have guilty pleasures that are productive. Heh. Heh heh. Heheheheheh. My guilty pleasures are not productive and I have even more than I originally thought. I had to cull the list down to the one thing I thought encompassed a few of my favorite past times. My biggest guilty pleasure, that I don’t feel guilty about at all is:


shipping ships

No, I don’t mean like FedEx or even cruise ships (though I do love those too). I’m talking about shipping people, as in relationships. Shipping something means actively imagining and desiring a relationship between two individuals – or three or four, or it could be one character you could imagine in a relationship with several different people, separately. Anyway, thinking about and imagining these relationships between these people makes you SO happy. You follow?

an armada

These people can be in books, television, movies, comic books – hell, I even ship the real life duo who works together at my local coffee shop. If two people have chemistry, I’m going to ship them. I’m not biased toward gender, age or race. Multi-racial, LGBT, whatever – it’s  about the dynamic between the people.

I ship everything from Mr. Carson and Ms. Hughes on Downton Abbey (seriously, how adorable are they???) to a couple of cartoon characters on Teen Titans Go! I don’t watch Sleepy Hollow, but if I did, I’d probably ship Ichabod and Abbie because I can feel their chemistry just in the commercials. I don’t have to have a ship to love a TV show or movie, but if there’s an undeniable spark between two characters, then my shipping becomes more of a compulsion than a guilty pleasure. I can’t not ship.

As far back as I can remember, I shipped. I was definitely on the Moonlighting ship. Remember them? Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd? They had it and I ate it up, even as a kid. My next biggie was Mulder and Scully on X-files. Ohhhhh, Mulder and Scully. *happy sigh*

mulder scully

Shipping the pairs above is no accident or leap of sanity. Those shows worked because the characters, and the actors had chemistry. I’m sure there were people who didn’t want them in a relationship together, but I don’t understand those people.

I also ship the same person with a couple of different people, depending on the circumstance. X-Men comic book Rogue, I shipped with Gambit.


Movie X-Men Rogue, I couldn’t help but ship with Wolverine. I know, I know, she was a high schooler and he’s like a hundred years old, but she would’ve grown up eventually and Logan lives forever. They understood each other, they took care of each other while still challenging one another, and they had mad chemistry and tension. I’m telling you, if X-Men 3 would’ve been at all a decent movie, things would’ve worked out for them. Wanna fight about it?

In my years of shipping, I’ve only recently realized I have a favorite type. It happens to be a popular romance trope: the friends (or co-workers) to lovers relationship – with two people who are very different, and manage to challenge one another while becoming almost symbiotic. X-Files, Star Trek, my many, many Marvel comic book and movie ships. This realization led me to consider the characters I write. What’s my favorite kind of ship? I write a lot about people thrown into circumstances together, and it often includes working toward a common goal. This is no coincidence. I write what I love and love what I write.

So maybe my guilty pleasure isn’t so unproductive after all. Shipping is good fun, but what if it also counts as romance writing research? Do you ship? If so, what are you faves or you favorite types?

Meanwhile, I’ll just leave these here…




McGovy’s Favorite Bad Girl: Natasha Romanoff

Natalia Alianovna Romanova, AKA Black Widow. AKA: Natalie Rushman, Nancy Rushman, Nadine Roman, Natalia Shostakova, and the list goes on and on. As you may have guessed, my favorite Bad Girl is a spy.

black widow1

Not just any spy either. In my heart, she is THE spy. Maybe it’s because she operates in a male dominated field and society, uses that fact as one of her greatest weapons, and few people have the slightest clue she’s doing it. Maybe it’s because she is a master of disguise, not always in outward appearance, but in making you see whoever it is she wants you to see: Demure administrative professional, emotionally compromised Avengers team member, casual collegiate mall rat, World Security Council member. She was never really any of these things, but damn if she wasn’t convincing. Maybe she’s my fave because when I say she kicks ass at her job, I mean she KICKS ASS at her job.


bw gif

All of these things make her one of the world’s top spies, but they’re not the reasons she’s my favorite Bad Girl. Natasha is a world class Bad Girl because:

1) She can be very patient and understanding, but she isn’t going to take a bunch of sh*t off anyone. Remember that time Happy was giving her a hard time about Booty Boot Camp, thought he knew it all and was going to show the secretary something? Yeah. That wasn’t gonna happen.


I would say poor Happy, but I think he enjoyed it.

2) Black Widow is dedicated, hard-working and refuses to give up on herself or the people she believes in (which are a select few, but still). Her loyalties are hard won, but once you have them, you have them. You may not realize that you have them, but that’s your problem, not hers. The words quit, give up, and surrender do not exist in her dictionary. Re-invent, Re-build, Survive. That’s her thing.

3) She’s independent AND a team player. This is why she’s an Avenger. Yes, she’s a master spy and assassin, and she can certainly have her own agenda, but she’s an Avenger because if she’s on your team, she’s going to get the job done. Remember that time she recruited The Hulk to join the Avengers? Remember that time she got Loki to spill his master plan? Remember that time she used the staff to close the portal and save the world? She’s a Bad Girl you want on your side.

black widow avengers

3) She’s learning to accept herself, good and bad, strengths and weaknesses, and it’s all of these things that make her HER. This is no small feat for a spy. Natasha can be whoever you want her to be, but her real identity is what lies underneath. Some of it’s pretty, some if it is ugly, but she’s figuring out who she is and learning to embrace it, as is every Bad Girl. Go watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but this time, watch it for Natasha’s character arc. You’ll see her goals of trust and true friendship, her motivation to do right by herself and those she considers friends, and the conflict of her past and the red in her ledger. She is the epitome of the complex widow cap2

4) She knows her taste, in style and men, and she rocks it. Be it smart business suits, slim-fit dresses, leather tactical suit, those cute wedge Nikes, long curly hair or sleek blunt cut, Natasha owns her looks. She looks amazing because she’s in great shape, but also because confidence is hot.natasha


Regarding the men..ohhhh she has a type. And boy do I approve of Natasha’s type! She likes them strong and lean, with shady pasts to match her own, but deep down they’re good men. They’re spies and assassins too, so they can relate to a woman like her. Her rumored list of relationships includes Hawkeye and the Winter Soldier. *the highest of fives on the amazing taste in hotties* MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS


Obligatory Winter Soldier/Bucky gif. Like you didn’t know I was gonna…

I’ll also toss in the fact that she’s now good buddies with Steve Rogers. Clearly, she’s got great taste.

All of this is why Black Widow is my favorite Bad Girl. Tell me what you think. 🙂


Refresh Your Writing Face with Agent Carter’s Classic Look

Writers are a privileged lot who admittedly and unapologetically go to work in their pajamas, often without a shower, and with little to no thought given to their appearance. It’s a job, my friends, and someone has to do it.

There are, however, occasions that warrant a bra to be worn, a comb to be tugged through the hair, and a bit of makeup to be applied–for promoting, networking, and marketing purposes, of course.

While doing my usual fangirling/twitter stalking, I came across an easy way to freshen up our writing faces for the aforementioned events with minimal makeup and effort, all while sporting a vintage look reminiscent of an honorary Bad Girl, Agent Peggy Carter.

Anyone can pull off this classic and easy look. ANY ONE. The trick is all in finding the correct shade of red for your pretty pout. Well, that, and having enough confidence to wear it out.

I can help with the makeup selection. I cannot help with the confidence. This is something you have to own. And own it you will, if you have the same fierce, determined, no-nonsense attitude as Agent Peggy Carter.


Exuding beauty, grace, and elegance, Agent Peggy Carter doesn’t let a small thing like a deadline get her down. She kicks tail and does it while looking HOT. Peggy’s classic look is appropriate for day or night, and is guaranteed to get you noticed–in all the right ways. Red lips demand attention, because as I said before, they take a measure of confidence to wear in public.

To achieve Peggy’s look, I gathered together makeup purchased mostly at the drugstore and featured in this video:


I used slight variations of her suggested products, opting to use what I had on hand over repurchasing, but kept things as close as possible.

I think the end result invokes the classic Peggy Carter look I was hoping to achieve.

Fran Agent Carter

Just remember agents–if your skin has cool undertones, select a red with cool undertones–these appear bluish or pinkish in the store. Cool toned people usually, but not always, possess a northern European heritage (Scandinavian, French, English, German, for example) .  Greeks, Spanish, Italian, Asian, and Latin American women (to name a few) will generally have a warm undertone to their skin. Their veins will appear green (vs the blue of a woman with a cool undertone) and have a yellowish (vs reddish/pinkish for the cool tones) hue to their skin. Warm undertones should select reds with warm undertones. These will appear almost orange in comparison to the cooler reds.

Of course, you could forgo my advice and be a real fan girl by picking up the exact same shade of lipstick Hayley Atwell aka Agent Carter, wears on the show. (Besame in Red Velvet)


Either way, be bold. Be daring. And make a statement with a new look this year!



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